Click for larger photo Made from Hartz Stayfast canvas  and feature a zip out rear window. Our tops are high quality and will not shrink or fade. They are available with a zip-down or fixed rear plastic window.  Another feature is the velcro securely sewn in pads. All tops come with original style grommets.  Specify color.   $400.00
  We also offer double texture vinyl tops as a less expensive alternative to the Hartz Stayfast canvas  tops.  All tops come with original style grommets.    $305.00

 Top Boots

Get a matching top boot made from same material  as your top. This covers the top when it is folded down and snaps to the body posts and twists and to snaps on the rear interior panel.  
   - Canvas   $245.00
   - Vinyl   $140.00

Tonneau Covers

  Also available are full tonneau covers that extend from the posties on the dash to the rear top fasteners on the rear deck. It has a zipper down the middle allowing you access to the drivers seat while leaving the rest of the interior covered.  

There are two styles, one with pockets for headrests and one without.  The one with headrests has the pockets in a fixed position that may or may not be correct for your seating position.  The seat would have to be adjusted to the proper position in order to close up the cover.

   - Hartz Stayfast canvas   $285.00
   - Vinyl   $175.00