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Roadster H190 differential housing axle baffles for road racing. A simple yet effective reproduction of the axle baffles offered for years through Nissan comp but have not been available for the past 15 years or so. These help keep the oil around your rare racing gears and LSD. They are meant to be positioned in the housing and tack welded in place. A must for road racing to keepyour diff alive.   per pair



We are proud to offer new chromolly Roadster racing axles with pre-installed ARP studs. We are already on our second batch as all 6 sets of the first batch have sold. These were well thought out to be able to accept the 240Z aluminum brake drums if the Roadster drums could not be used so they will be more versatile. These are a must for anyone racing current or vintage and save quite a bit over going to full floating axles.  Call to order.  per pair


Datsun headlight and parking light decals for those of you with a sense of humor. I got tired of seeing all the Datsun racecars with the Lucas headlight decals so I made our Toshiba headlights into useable decals to block off your headlight and your parking light openings. These would go well with our other Datsun decals of the original emblems to make the car look highly detailed but not ruin valuable emblems in event of a mishap. Sold as a full set of all 4 decals. Available for Z-cars without the parking light decals for $20.


This brand new piece is for all of you with an early Series1 240Z . The rear inner hatch vent panel has never been available and matches our other plastic panels for the Z car. It comes in all the colors we offer the plastic panel kits and although we are still finalizing the inside of this part, we can start making them available to anyone needing them. Most of these pieces seem to be cracked or have the corners broken out. We have been asked for years about making this part and we finally were able to get it done. If you have your original broken vent panel you can remove the inner part and add it too our new panel until we can come up with a suitable solution as there 2 different early vent panels.