Let Classic Datsun Motorsports restore your Roadster or 240Z to its former glory!  We are world renowned for our Concours D'elegance quality restorations.  Our restored Datsuns have taken top honors at many vintage Datsun shows.

Restoration is not a service for everyone. Much time and money is involved. There is no logical or economic reason to restore a car. The heart must be involved.

We encourage all prospective customers to discuss with us in detail the restoration process and what their expectations will be of the completed project.

We realize not all customers want a frame up restoration, nor do all cars need this type of restoration. Trying to restore a car on a bad frame is like trying to build a house with no foundation.

The nature of restoration is such that there is always more rust and structural damage than can be seen with a preliminary examination. Most times, earlier attempts at repair causes more damage than they fix which makes our job more difficult and time consuming. However the serious car owner who wants a quality restoration understands this.

Since no two cars are in the same condition when a restoration begins, price quotes for restorations are impossible. Restoration is not an exact science. If the quote is too low and the car needs additional work, the owner says "Tough, you gave me the price." So then the restoration shop owner must lose money or take shortcuts, which benefits no one. A quote given which would entail every conceivable possibility that could occur on a restoration, would mean that no one would ever have a car restored.

An estimate is available for informational purposes only. We have worked this way for 12 years and time has proven that this is the only way to achieve a quality restoration. This is the only fair way for the customer as well as the shop. With each invoice we try to send photographs of the work done.

CDM full restorations begin at the bottom- with the body off of the frame. Each component and system is fully disassembled and restored to original appearance and condition. In most cases, our quality powder coating and chrome plating exceeds that of what Nissan used 40 years ago! Because we will fully disassemble your car during a frame-up restoration, all hidden problems will be found, evaluated and then repaired. The end result will be a beautiful, correctly restored Datsun which also will give top-notch performance and reliability. Don't settle for less, bring your Roadster or 240Z in today for a free evaluation!

Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.  Every car that goes out with our nameplate on it is a representation of our work.  We do only top quality work - just ask our many satisfied customers.  CDM has earned a reputation in Japan for great attention to detail and quality restored autos that will appreciate in value.  


Click on the photo of the silver Roadster to see some photos of our recent restorations:  Click for photos of some of our work